There are four different components to consider when designing each curb; Shapes, Concrete Color, Patterns or Styles, & Accent Colors. There are thousands of different combinations of these components that you can choose from. We also offer lighting packages as well as slurry seals. The slurry seal will give your curb a wet or glossy look. See below for examples of each Shape, Color, Pattern, Accent Color.


The shape or profile of the curb is the first component to consider. We offer different shapes to achieve different needs. The TG3001 Angled curb is our most popular curb design for garden beds as its easy to mow around and nicely seperates the garden media from the grass. The TG3004 is a one of a kind in Saskatoon which allows us to extrude a 24" walk way to match your curbing.

Concrete Colors

Color is one of the most important components to think about. We have 24 different standard colors to choose from but we can mix colors and increase color ratios to get thousands of different custom colors. 


We have 9 different roller patterns and 3 stamp patterns. We can also double up on these. For example we could roll a Spanish texture and stamp a H brick over it.



Accent Colors

Accent colours are the colours we throw onto the curb before rolling patterns into it. These accent colors give the curb more of a defined look. You can also add lighting packages as well.